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Posted by Scott Walker on

2020 has been a whirlwind of chaos. Clouded by a global pandemic, riots in the streets, and general turmoil, it seemed fitting to do some introspective deep dives into some things that needed changing, and updating ourselves. Over the last couple of months, we've slowly been migrating our old website from Wix (our home for the last 2 years), to Shopify.

Site migrations, especially migrations as large and complex as ours, can be a little tricky. Although I've personally combed through each product and collection, making sure everything is as it should be, there are bound to be the occasional hiccup or two. So, if you happen upon a glitch, or error in the site, please feel free to get in touch, so that it can be taken care of as quickly as possible. Shoot an email to or DM us on Instagram @anointed.ak

You may have noticed that our branding has been refreshed, featuring the new light blue, black and white color scheme. A bold choice for a bold brand! We just felt that our old palette of Red/White/Charcoal was slowly becoming over saturated in the design community. Thought it was time to switch things up a bit!

Here's a brief summary of some of the changes and improvements made to our website, in an effort to make your shopping experience a bit smoother, and more enjoyable:

  • On our old site, you were confined to only get a discount on Oil & Balm combos of the same scent. We're happy to announce that we've switched things up a bit. Now, if you have any beard oil in your cart, you can add a beard balm or beard rescue in any other scent to your cart, and use the Promo Code "COMBO" at checkout for an instant discount. Makes things a little easier on our end to keep track of accurate stock counts, and gives YOU endless mix and match options.
  • Our products now have the option of adding reviews individually. Been wanting to add a legit reviews section for the last couple of years now, but Wix didn't have any viable options. Thankfully that's no longer the case! So if you see a product you loved, feel free to write a review! Always love hearing what you guys think of the beard food.
  • It's been requested in our Instagram comments on multiple occasions, and excited to announce that our new site also features Sezzle as a payment option at checkout.
  • For anyone wondering about the Blessed Beards Secret Menu Page, it's still being worked on. There were a couple of hiccups with getting it set up properly to keep it hidden, so we're still working out the bugs. It will definitely be back, and we'll make an announcement when it's live.
  • Our Scent of the Month Beard Boxes are back, and better than ever! Each month we'll be releasing 50 limited edition boxes, that feature a unique one-time blend. Once they sell out, they're gone for good. Each box is $50, and ships free, with over $75 worth of products. We're also changing things up a bit this time around. We'll occasionally be turning some of our best selling blends into SOTM boxes as well. So if you've ever been bummed out that a certain scent was only available in a beard oil, this will be exciting news for you!
  • This new site launched with 10 new beard oil blends, 5 new wax melts, and restocked a ton of our best selling balms, including the Cereza Suave balm from last July's beard box, Fruit Loops, Cinnabeard Toast Crunch, Lemon Creme Dream, Shoreline, Scruff N' Stuff, and More!

That's just a few of the new improvements and updates. As always, appreciate the support over these last couple of years, and hope you guys all enjoy the new site! If you find any errors, feel free to get in touch, and we'll get it taken care of as quickly as possible.


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  • Love the new Site. It’s Fantastic!

    Mark Ensign on
  • Been really excited to see the new Site and it didn’t disappoint. Love the new changes and look. It all feels new and fresh. Love being able to get a Beard box now. They were before my time and always wished I hadn’t missed out on them. Glad to be here to see this milestone happen and to be a small part of it getting all the new things. Always something to get excited for following Anointed AK. 👊🙂

    Mark Ensign on

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